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Ocean Spray 2019 Social Campaign

Shooting alongside Ocean Spray's broadcast commercial, I directed and shot over 20 pieces of content for the brand to use throughout 2019 and beyond..

Role: Director, Director of Photography

Pearle Vision ABSee Clinic - Minneapolis

Pearle Vision partnered with OneSight to bring free comprehensive eye exams to schools in at risk communities.  One of four videos in the series. 

Role: Director, Director of Photography

Off The Street Club - Wills

Off The Street Club commissioned videos to bring awareness to their McMurray Campagna Society. 

Role: Director, Editor

Off! Presents: The Never Starting Tales

Once upon a time, fairytale characters went outside to start their adventures. But, what would have happened if instead of going outside, they stayed indoors?

Role: Director

Herradura Tequila Distillery Tour

During the Energy BBDO pitch of Brown Forman a small team went down to the Herradura Hacienda and Distillery in Amatitán, Mexico to experience the brand as the locals do.

Role: Director, Editor

Whole Earth - Stevia and Monk Fruit

Whole Earth set out to create social posts educating consumers on the benefits of Stevia and Monk Fruit.

Role: Director, Director of Photography, Animator

Starbucks 2020 Social Content

     As we moved to working from home all our clients consistently told us "the show must go on!"  Starbucks was no exception, and tasked us with creating topical spots for their ready-to-drink products.

Role: Content Creator

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Off The Street Club - Toughest Letter

Our brave veterans forge a powerful bond with an unexpected group when they discover that hope flourishes in urban "war zones" at home, not just on the battlefield overseas.

Role: Camera Operator

Avocados From Mexico - Experiencing Michoacán

A team from Energy BBDO traveled to Mexico City and Michoacán to see where, and who, avocados come from. 

Role: Producer, Director, Director of Photography, & Editor

Baygon - Pest Toolkit

Baygon Spring 2018 social content.

Role: Director & Director of Photography

Love of Choice

In a dystopian future, a man questions his love and comfort with his living situation.

 2016 - Thesis Film


When a family implodes, blame spreads like wildfire.

2015 - Student Short

Off Botanicals
Summer 2019 Social Content

Off Botanicals Summer 2018 social content.

Role: Director & Director of Photography

Lake Bluff Oktoberfest 2015

Lake Bluff's first annual Oktoberfest block party gathered the community for the German themed celebration the village's scenic downtown.

Role: Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Ziploc - Pandora Song

Musicians at Pandora created a song using only Ziploc Products.

Role: Director & Director of Photography

SC Johnson - Max Awards

Comedy sketches use a coffee shop top illustrate the sometimes awkward interactions between ad agencies and their clients.

Showcased at the MAX Awards, SC Johnson's annual, internal, "Roast"

Role: Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Harts - "Realize" Live Showcase

During Harts 2017 tour stop in Chicago for Wicker Park fest, he performed a private showcase of his song "Realize".

Role: Director & Director of Photography

Northshore Wine, Beer, & Cigar Festival 2015

This libation focused fundraiser put on by Libertyville Sunrise Rotary raised over $50,000 for local charities.

Role: Producer. Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Cape Line - Simple is Better

New product Cape Line, from MillerCoors, believes that Simple is Better. Created on Spec, with a 24 hour turnaround, the Can had to be added in post since no physical product existed during production.

Role: Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Respect Her - Case Study

Respect Her is an initiative to help men find a voice in the ongoing conversation around Women's Rights during Valentine's Day 

Role: Director of Photography

Extra - Translations

Sometimes the tiniest things can lead to the strongest connections. Extra explored this idea with earpiece real-time translators, and the new Chewy Mint.

Role: Director & Director of Photography


In the war that pit brother against brother, do you choose family or country?

2013 - Student Short, Shot on 16mm Film

Loose Change

A little bit of change can go a long way.

2012 - Student Short, Shot on 16mm Film​

Misericordia Family Fest 2015

Misericordia’s largest fundraising event of the year brought families, friends, and neighbors together for a day of celebration that had something for everyone!

Role: Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor

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