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Old Forester: Kentucky Turtle Derby

     What do turtles and horses have in common?  Turns out, not much! But that's where I come in: a little movie magic made our shelled racers seem as thrilling as the stallions at the big show. 

     I came into this project in 2020 as a Content Creator.  It was my first real dive into an art director roll, and I worked with Creative Director Jonathan Linder to concept, design, animate, and edit the entire campaign's social presence.  The event garnered huge buzz from SportsCenter, Today Show, and Yahoo News; making it Old Forester's most talked about campaign, well, ever.

     In 2021, I was selected to direct the campaign's main event.  My experience the year before got me in the room earlier than a typical director, and I even wrote the cold opening, Pondzilla, and training montages scripts. This was a grand undertaking with miniature sets, uncooperative talent, and a limited crew due to (surprise!) COVID protocols.  We put on quite a show, with a live audience both on YouTube Live and in-person at the Kentucky Derby itself.


Role: Director & Content Creator

2021 Highlights
2021 Long Form
2020 Social Content

Role: Art Director & Designer

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