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     Hey, how we doing?  After looking through some kick ass work, I'll assume pretty swell.

     I'm a Director/Photographer/Editor/Occasional Designer/Animator/Art Director/Chef thats lucky enough to love what they do.  I found my niche back in 2016 at Energy BBDO’s production Studio Flare and spent the last year and a half at the boutique agency Wolfgang.  My zeal for challenging projects both big and small, determination to push the envelope in shot design and performance on set, and investment in a “social first” mindset from pre-production through post has made me a key member of the studios I’ve worked with.

     In 2022 I helped launch Wolfgang’s Content Studio, a streamlined way for brands to get content fast and efficiently while keeping a close eye on craft.  As Creative Director, I oversaw creative on all content that came through the studio - utilizing my experience and taste to bring scroll stopping results to every project.  Sure I’d still come across the traditional workflow - briefed a script, create a treatment, and shoot the job - but I really shine when taking a client brief and working with creatives on blowing it out into a suite of content, producing it, and executing through post production.  I’ve managed teams big and small on set and in the office, and have honed a management style that focuses on team growth and building individual craft.

      You may find me on a walk with my adorable (and terrorizing) puppy Briggs, or out in Denver making some new friends over a beer.

     I truly love talking to people, so go ahead and drop me a line.  I bet we can make some pretty stellar work together, because hey, that's the only work I like to do.

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Motion Designer


Art Director

So, maybe this isn't exactly "work", but I'm quite positive it's "funny as hell."  During that fateful spring lock in of 2020, I got just a wee bit bored.  I pulled out my camera and pointed it at my apartment.  I ended up with some rather wacky videos that I think were just as fun to make as they are to watch.  Hope you enjoy, cheers!

Life In Quarantine

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